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[Release] TaigaChat Pro 1.4.3 (1.4-1.5)

Discussione in 'Xenforo 1.x' iniziata da Stan, 22 Novembre 2017.

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    Stan Il senatore del foro Membro dello Staff

    3 Novembre 2017
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    Ecco a voi una delle chat migliori per Xenforo, oggi vi presentiamo la TaigaChat pro 1.4.3. E' una chatbox molto potente che consente di messaggiare, taggare e publicare immagini e link senza problemi. noi la usiamo e va molto bene.
    Realtime-updating Message Of The Day

    Going above and beyond the original request for some kind of 'announcement' or 'sticky message' in the shoutbox, I have added an MOTD which updates for all users viewing the shoutbox instantly without refreshing, and that can be edited by anyone with appropriate permissions - so even your moderators, not just admins.

    Realtime 'users in chat' listing

    As you may have noticed from the above screenshots, all shoutbox views now display the number of users currently viewing the shoutbox, and this is updated in realtime.

    The 'users in chat' sidebar display on the Full view has also been brought up to date, with all previous bugs fixed and the addition of realtime updating. Additionally, it is now available as a XenPorta and [bd] Widget Framework widget.

    Message notifications in tab/window title

    A new optional feature: while in the full shoutbox and the tab or window is unfocused, the title will be flashed to grab your attention when a new message is posted, akin to Facebook messenger.

    Ban from shoutbox

    A new addition to the message dropdown, allowing anyone with the appropriate permissions to ban a user from the shoutbox. This allows you to have 'shoutbox moderators' without giving them Admin CP access.

    Miscellaneous features

    Other new features, or features that cannot be easily described with a screenshot:

    - Moved mini avatars to the left of timestamps to improve readability.
    - Moved BBCode toolbar to the side of the message input box.
    - Changed template edits to use template hooks, eliminating the need for the ‘global hook’ option - should reduce server load slightly if you had it enabled.
    - Added option to disable smilies.
    - Refresh speed now controlled on a window focused/unfocused basis, with extra support for slower refreshing in background tabs in modern browsers.
    - Message editing is now done inline and instantly without redirecting.
    - Added new 'Absolute Time' time display - displays full date for previous days' messages and time only for current day.

    Many bugs from TaigaChat free have been resolved - here are a few of the noteworthy ones:

    - Fixed 'Users in Chat' being basically completely broken
    - Fixed small client-side/browser freezes when refreshing
    - Fixed scrolling to bottom with Reverse mode enabled not taking large images into account (now waits until images are loaded)
    - Fixed URLs not being parsed in archive output
    - Fixed numerous javascript console errors and warnings

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    Costo: 25 dollari

    Il download è attivo ma è a solo scopo didattico e di prova se ti piace sostieni l'autore comprando il prodotto.

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